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Mothers’ Union at St James

More than tea and coffee

Mothers Union – just a bunch of ladies who make a lot of tea and coffee – right?

WRONG! We do a lot of other things, besides making tea an coffee. We’ll do anything (within reason!) that we think furthers the Mothers’ Union Values of supporting Christian families. If you’d like to join in, read on to find out more, come and find us at the Mothers’ Union table in the Gathering Hall in the Barn or contact one of the committee.

Meet the Committee

The Committee is Anne Jones – Branch Leader, Kirsty Pettinger – Treasurer, Emma Nichol – Secretary and Julie Parkinson – Committee member.

Faith in Action

This year’s Mothers’ Union theme is ‘Faith in Action’. At St James, we believe we have 3 major roles:

  1. Supporting the Church community – We help the to make the Church the welcoming place it is. This is largely through Hospitality, but we are open to other requests. Things we are involved in include the 5th Sunday Parish Breakfasts, posy making for Mothering Sunday and lots of prayer.
  2. Community Outreach – As we aim to ‘Make Jesus Known’, we run regular events such as the Pirate Day and the Circus Day which attract children and their parents from outside the Church community. We also provide Hospitality on request for funerals at the Church.
  3. Nurturing the ladies within the MU – The MU provides a fantastic mutual support network. The ladies regularly give each other lifts, or just meet each other for support. We have meetings with inspirational speakers, meals out and walks to the pub.

Useful Links

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