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Prayer at St James

There will be no accelerator prayer group on Thursday 27th December or Thursday January 10th

Accelerator prayer will resume on Thursday 24th January from 9am-10am in the church room.

There will be a prayer breakfast in the SBC on Saturday December 22nd from 7.45am-9am.



Sunday 16th December (Readings: Zephaniah 3 v 14-end, Luke 3 v 7-18)

10.00 am (Church) – Joint Service (Common Worship Holy Communion)

6.30 pm (St. Barnabas Centre) – Carol Service (Celebration of Christmas)

Sunday 23rd December (Readings: Micah 5 v 2-5a, Luke 1 v 39-45)

9.00 am (Church) – Common Worship Morning Prayer

10.30 am (St. Barnabas Centre) – Common Worship Holy Communion 


Note from the Archdeacon

As Archdeacon I am writing to let you know that Chris has been granted ill health early retirement with effect from Monday 31st December 2018. We are delighted for Chris that this has now been settled after a long process, although we are aware of his sadness about leaving St James under these circumstances. 
Arrangements are in hand to say goodbye to Chris and Sarah on Friday 21st December 2018 in the St. Barnabas Centre. We will be continuing to support Chris and Sarah and the family as they make their preparations to move.  Please continue to keep them all in your prayers at this time of transition

Carol Service Final Details –  Sunday 16th December 6:30pm

Please note that the rehearsal on the 16th December starts at for both singers and instrumentalists.  This is slightly later than usual due to the 6:30 pm start of the service.

Therefore, please arrive for 3:15pm in order to collect and sort out your own sets of music prior to the start.  The dress code for everyone in the choir and orchestra is to include festive colours, meaning any combination of red, green, black and white please.

Please also bring a packed tea as there will be a decent break between the rehearsal and the service. Tea and coffee will be available during the tea break.

You will also need a folder for your music preferably black or matching the festive colour scheme.

Finally, I am really looking forward to seeing you all there and to celebrate this special annual service with you once again, so please take care of the voices and fingers this week!

Katharine Roper

HELP, please!

The team responsible for the Christmas Day service in the barn have asked for the balloons to be hung in the roof space, but this something I cannot do on my own.

Ideally there should be 3 people please (including me) to: inflate the balloons, load them into the nets and then help hang them.

It will take about 2 hours, and you won’t need to climb up high. You will need some ‘puff’ though.

If you able to help me with this sometime during the previous weekend, i.e. 22 – 23 Dec, please get in touch.

Many thanks  Paul Dean (01279 657307)


This is now available to sign, after the Sunday services in the church and Barn, until 23rd Dec. Please greet one another and make a donation to Company at Christmas. Thank you.


If you can help set up the Carol Service refreshments from 17:00 on Sunday 16th or help serve/ clear away following the service, please contact Jan Dean. Many thanks.

Christmas Open House for our Church Family

Friday 21st December  6 – 8 pm  in the Barn.

Please join us as we celebrate Christmas and say ‘thank you’ to all our Church members for their support throughout the year.

Coffee, mince pies, Christmas music…     drop in anytime.  Children very welcome.

Christmas table decorations/door hangings – 

The church flower team, which produced these arrangements, retired at the end of last year so regrettably there will be no Christmas decorations for doors or tables available to purchase this year.   Thank you for your support over the past years.    Christine Tew.

St. James Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards depicting St James will be on sale in the Church and St Barnabas Centre for the next 2 weeks, if you cannot get to the services please contact Maureen.

Public News – Tell your family and friends!

Reverse Advent Calendar

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards our reverse advent calendar. Last week we took 129 items to the food bank and they were so grateful.
Thank you again. Vanessa.

Salvation Army – Toy appeal

I have just done a rough final numbers for our toy appeal this year and think we will be providing for over 200 children!! (or at least trying too!)

If anyone is able to help us by donating toys, chocolates, books, wrapping paper or cellotape then it will most definitely be appreciated! please get in touch for more information of what we need…

As an extra plug, if people who are around on Friday feel moved to support; The Entertainer in Jackson square will match any £5 toy purchased for our toy appeal in store until Saturday 8th December:

<1 year 4 4
1 YEAR 2 1
2 YEAR 4 8
3 YEAR 7 6
4 YEAR 5 5
5 YEAR 5 2
6 YEAR 7 3
7 YEAR 5 10
8 YEAR 6 4
9 YEAR 7 10
10 YEAR 8 8
11 YEAR 6 4
12 YEAR 10 5
13-16 YEAR 16 24
17+ YEAR 8 6

We like to give each child 0-12 years;

One main toy, one book, one craft, one chocolate/sweets item (If we can!!)

We then give the 13-16 year olds a £10 ‘One 4 All’ voucher and something to open; soap set, pencil case, accessories

We give the 17+ youngsters a £15 ‘One 4 All’ voucher….

We also try and supply each family with some wrapping paper and cello tape to help them to have a ‘normal’ Christmas experience and allocate the toys best amongst their children.  we have 82 families.  Thanks you. Megan (The salvation Army)

Quiz Evening

The Friends of St James will be hosting a Prize Quiz Evening at the St Barnabas Centre on the evening of Saturday 2 February  2019.Doors open at 6:30 pm; Quiz Commences at 7:00 pm. Tickets: £8.00 including cold platter supper.  Bring your own drinks & glasses.  Teams of 8; individuals welcome. Contact Philip Hargrave 01279 657273.”

Prefer Paper?

Paper copies of the Church Family News Update will be available in the Church and the St Barnabas Centre each Sunday