The Fair Trade shop will be hopefully be open every Sunday until Christmas. As usual, we have lots of Christmas cards for sale, fair trade food and chocolate, as well as beautiful and unusual crafts. Please feel free to come and browse in the shop – you may well find some of the Christmas presents you need to buy!
In particular we have a good selection of bamboo socks (sizes 4-7 or 7-11) in a wide range of colours and designs.For those of you who haven’t seen them before, they are very soft and very comfortable. Most of our customers who have bought one pair then come back and buy more because they are so happy with them. They have proved to be incredibly popular and are priced at £4.95 each or 4 for £16.
In addition we are now taking orders for Fair Trade Chocolate Advent Calendars. There are two different types – the Divine Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar (£3.99) and the Real Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar (£3.99). The Divine Advent Calendar has a step of the traditional Christmas story retold behind each window while the Real Advent Calendar also has a line of the story behind each window and in addition has a 24 page Christmas story activity booklet designed to be used every day in Advent. Both have a fair trade chocolate behind each window.
The booklet in the Real Advent Calendar is aimed at relatively young children (under 11?) so my advice would probably be to get the Real Calendar for younger children and the Divine Calendar for older ones. 
As I am sure you will understand, we do not want to order more Advent Calendars than are required so, if you want some, please could you let me know as soon as possible how many you would like so I can order them in for you. Please feel free to phone or email me with your order (email:  – phone: 01279 723249 ).  Alternatively you can come and buy them from the stall over the next couple of weeks but I may run out!
We look forward to seeing you in the shop over the next few months – Pam and Steve, Janet and Graham.